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Communications Operator – Civilian

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Communications Division

Communications Operator – Civilian

REPORTS TO: Deputy Director Emergency Services


GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: May serve as a sworn or non-sworn member of the Sheriff’s Office; specifically serves as a member of the Communications division and performs all related functions and work required. Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE POSITION: As a Communication Officer, the C/O handles all fire, police, and rescue calls, in addition to administration and non-emergency related calls. The incumbent is directly responsible in the chain of command to the Deputy Director Emergency Services.


  • Ability to use computer aided dispatch system.
  • Utilize radio procedures.
  • Utilize telephone procedures.
  • Prioritize calls for service and assistance.
  • Establish and coordinate the proper public safety response.
  • Dispatch and assign police, fire and/or rescue to calls.
  • Monitors message traffic from national crime information center.
  • Monitors message traffic from Virginia criminal information network.
  • Monitors message traffic from division of motor vehicles.
  • Constantly monitoring the status of field units to ensure officer safety and availability for service
  • Monitors radio traffic from other jurisdictions and coordinates mutual aid when required.
  • Tests communication and related special equipment as required.
  • Operates multipurpose computer terminals interfaced with radio/telephone consoles.
  • Supplies information to other agencies, offices, and to the public.
  • Houses and maintains the criminal warrants.
  • Keeps efficient and mandated record/log books.
  • Working knowledge of the Sheriff’s Office policy, procedures, and methods.
  • Be able to receive and transmit signals over the teletypewriter (tdd) for those needing disability assistance.
  • Maintain and submit weekly time sheets.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the communication supervisor Deputy Director


  • Work shifts, nights and weekends as required.
  • Accept schedule changes when necessary to work on off days.
  • Report to work in an accurate, on time manner.
  • Use and/or identify standard codes, military time and phonetic alphabet.
  • Notify c/o supervisor in timely manner of illnesses for shift replacements.
  • Attend communications meetings, briefings or debriefings relevant to communication operations.
  • Assist public by providing pre-arrival instructions to victims of accidents, illness and/or crimes.
  • Testify in court to documents/materials and facts related to cases.
  • Ensure security of communications as defined by state regulations and in-house policy.
  • Maintain and dispatch desk information to appropriate shifts and/or units.
  • Finish all related tasks and filling by end of shift.
  • Endorse and support the mission statement of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Some knowledge of or the ability to learn

County, State and Federal regulations governing transmission by radio, telephone and teletype, knowledge of or the ability to learn the geography of this county and the surrounding jurisdictions. The ability to carry out verbal and written instructions, ability to use good discretion and judgment in performing duties, ability to be courteous when performing their duties with the public and fellow employees and the ability to be alert at all times.

MINIMUM EDUCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Possession of a high school diploma or GED. Must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, have no background or record of any criminal conviction. Speak clearly and distinctly, ability to hear ability to analyze situations and to react swiftly and rationally in high stressful situations. Must be able operate a computer keyboard; must be able to work assigned shifts, nights and weekends. Must complete all state mandated certification programs, including Emergency Medical Dispatch. You must be of good character and reputation. Serves at the pleasure of the Sheriff.

Pay: TBD
Open Until Filled

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Washington County, Virginia is an Equal Opportunity Employer