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Election District Maps

For the purposes of the election of members of the Washington County Board of Supervisors and Washington County School Board, and for appointments to a number of County boards, authorities and commissions Washington County is divided into seven (7) equally populated Election Districts. The most recent reapportionment of Election Districts occurred in 2011, and each Election District is legally referred to by an alphabetic letter (A through G) followed by “-11” to designate the year of its reapportionment.

In Washington County, the Election Districts are often informally referred to by the Magisterial District names to which they roughly correspond (given in quotation marks below). Election Districts and Magisterial Districts are not the same, however. Reapportionment of Election Districts occurs every ten years with the release of U.S. Census population data and new Election Districts must be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice. Within each Election District there are one or more voting precincts and polling places designated for voting during elections.