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Zoning Official

Stephen Richardson

P: (276) 525-1391
F: (276) 525-1309
Office Hours: M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm
Office Location:
Government Center Building
1 Government Center Place, Suite A
Abingdon VA, 24210

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Department of Zoning Administration

The County Department of Zoning Administration is responsible for the administration of Washington County’s subdivision and zoning ordinances (Chapters 52 and 66 of the County Code, respectively). The Department provides technical assistance to the public on zoning and subdivision issues as well as to the County Planning Commission, County Board of Zoning Appeals and Board of Supervisors. The Department is also responsible for investigating violations of the County’s zoning and subdivision ordinances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Washington County Board of Supervisors originally adopted the County Zoning Ordinance on December 29, 1971; the County Subdivision Ordinance was similarly adopted on December 11, 1967. The current County Zoning Ordinance and County Subdivision Ordinance are set out in Chapters 66 and 54, respectively, of the 2002 Code of the County of Washington Virginia, as amended.

All parcels of land in Washington County lie within at least one (1) of sixteen (16) different Zoning Districts. In addition, the Towns of Abingdon, Damascus, Glade Spring and the Washington County portion of the Town of Saltville each have their own Town Zoning Ordinances. The County Zoning Ordinance does not apply within these towns.

Buildings or structures in Washington County shall be started, reconstructed, enlarged or altered only after a Zoning Permit has been obtained from the County Department of Zoning Administration. No manufactured housing unit (mobile home) shall be moved on to property in Washington County unless the Department has issued a Zoning Permit to the property owner.

Under the Washington County Subdivision Ordinance, a “subdivision” means to divide any tract, parcel or lot of land into three (3) or more parts, lots, parcels, tracts or other divisions for the purpose (whether immediate or future) of sale, transfer or building development, and including two lots which involves the extension of any public water or public sewer service or results in the creation of any new street, road, easement or right-of-way, or any change in existing roads, streets, easements, or rights-of-way.

Property owners are strongly encouraged to contact the Department of Zoning Administration to discuss the particulars of any division of property among family members before proceeding. A Family division is a subdivision of property for the purpose of sale or gift to a family member of the owner of the property pursuant to the Code of Virginia and the County Subdivision Ordinance.

The Comprehensive Plan is an advanced planning document that generally guides land use development, and is advisory. The Zoning Ordinance is part of the Washington County Code and regulates the type, location, and intensity of development. Whereas the Comprehensive Plan establishes an overall policy framework for land use and other issues, the Zoning Ordinance, text and map, carry out or implement the Comprehensive Plan.

Contact the County Department of Zoning Administration at (276) 525-1391 or (276) 669-0877.