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Public Hearings

The Board of Supervisors will hold public hearings on particular matters for which holding a public hearing is required by law or for other matters at the discretion of the Board.  Public hearings will be included as an agenda item, and generally, advance notice of the public hearing will be posted on the County website, posted on the County notice board, and/or included in a legal advertisement published in the local newspaper.  When the Board reaches the public hearing agenda item, the Chair of the Board will announce the topic and invite people who want to comment to come to the lectern, state their name and address, and then make their comments.  The purpose of the public hearing is for people to state their comments either in favor or opposition or otherwise to the Board.  The Board by-laws do not allow members of the Board to converse with people making comments.  It is a time for the members of the Board to listen to comments being made.  

Scheduled Public Hearings

If you do not see any public hearings listed below, please check back periodically. 

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