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John Lamie

Catherine Smith Brewster

Mary Ann Compton

Electoral Board

The members of the Electoral Board elect a Chair and a Secretary, each of whom represent a different political party. The remaining member serves as Vice-Chair. The Chair presides over meetings of the Board, and the Secretary is responsible for record-keeping and administrative duties.

The Washington County Electoral Board is responsible for the administration of elections in Washington County, including appointing a General Registrar, maintaining equipment and supplies for voting, and tallying votes.

Pursuant to Section 24.2-106 of the Code of Virginia, the judges of the Circuit Court of Washington County appoint three members to serve staggered three-year terms on the Washington County Electoral Board. Two of these members represent the political party whose candidate for governor received the highest number of votes in the most recent gubernatorial election, and the third member represents the political party that received the second highest number of votes for governor. The Electoral Board meets on an as needed basis.

Board Meetings

Meet as needed.

Meeting Location

Voter Registrar Office
1 Government Center Pl, Suite A
Abingdon VA, 24210