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Pictured are Dr. Mark J. and Senah Matney

Dr. Mark J. Matney
Commissioner of the Revenue
Washington County, Virginia

Dr. Mark J. Matney’s Education:

  • Graduate of Grundy Senior High School
  • Graduate of Southwest Virginia Community College—A.S. in Business Administration
  • Graduate of VA Tech—B.S. in Management
  • Graduate of Averett University—MBA
  • Teaching License UVA’s College at Wise
  • Doctor in Education Nova Southeastern University—Educational Leadership & Organizational Leadership

Dr. Matney was the recipient of the Consolidated Coal Company Scholarship while in college.

Faith: Christian—Attends First Assembly of God Bristol, Virginia

Professional Career: Dr. Matney has worked in many business fields and also has taught business class at the college level. He was a long-time high school and middle school teacher, and has taught high school English, math (Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry), history, and social studies. Dr. Matney has also taught high school Special Education (learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, and intellectual disabilities).  Dr. Matney has taught middle school business classes and keyboarding. He has coached basketball at the high school and middle school levels, as well as high school soccer, football, and track. Dr. Matney has led student groups such as the school newspaper and the student chess club.

Dr. Matney even worked underground in the coal mines for a brief time.

Dr. Mark J. Matney is a member of the following:

  • The Lions Club of Abingdon
  • National Rifle Association
  • Gun Owners of America
  • Virginia Civil Defense League
  • Associate Member Virginia Sheriff’s Institute
  • The Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia
  • International Association of Assessing Officers

Accomplishments for the taxpayers since Dr. Mark J. Matney has been Commissioner of the Revenue:

  1.  In 2020, I asked the Board of Supervisors to get rid of the vehicle declarations that everyone had to send back to the office every year and we got it done. This eliminated $170,000 in late fees taxpayers had to pay for the late return of a piece of paper.
  2.   After being elected in 2020, I started an official office Facebook page to help keep the public informed with information about the Commissioner of the Revenue Office.
  3.   In 2020, I adjusted land use values to state regulations that previously were not being followed. This lowered some of the land use values, saving taxpayers over $100,000.
  4. In 2021, I asked the Board of Supervisors to approve an ordinance so the elderly and disabled only had to fill out a long application once every three years instead of every year. This was done to relieve stress on the most vulnerable in our community.
  5. In 2021, I requested that the Board of Supervisors include the deputies and police in the license fee waiver that was originally only for fire and rescue workers, adding them to the list of first responders. I also requested that our disabled vets and spouses be added to this one vehicle exemption on the license fee, saving taxpayers an additional $5,000.
  6. In 2021, I asked the Board of Supervisors to eliminate the farm equipment tax on farmers in Washington County. They approved, and in 2022, they will no longer be taxed on farm equipment, and wineries will no longer be taxed on their equipment for transforming grapes into wine (in state law this has to be added to get the relief for the other farmers). This saved the taxpayer around $138,000.
  7. In 2020, airplane assessments were not being done correctly and in violation of state law. We worked with the County Attorney and the Board of Supervisors to correct this issue and it was approved.
  8. Our office won the Commissioners for the Hungry Food Drive for the entire state in 2021. In 2022, we came in second in the statewide competition.
  9. As of 2021, the Commissioner’s Office is now an Accredited Office as designated by the State Commissioners of Revenue Association. Our accreditation was reaffirmed for 2022. The office was reaffirmed Accredited in 2023 as well.
  10. In 2022, the Commissioner’s Office asked the Board of Supervisors to require all short-term rental operations to register with our office. The Board agreed. This registration with our office is one time only. The registration was requested to ensure fairness in short-term rentals in our county. It is not fair for some to turn in their transient occupancy tax and pay business personal property while others do not. This registry comes with fines for those that do not report, thus causing everyone to play by the rules in a fair manner.
  11. In 2022, I asked the Board of Supervisors to change the registration date for the Elderly and Disabled Program. The deadline for getting into the program was February 15th of each year. I asked the board to extend this to November 20th of each year. If you had problems during the year, there was no way to get help until the next year. Now if problems arise, you have up to November 20th of each year to get help on that year’s real estate tax.
  12. In 2022, I advocated with the Board of Supervisors to lower the assessment ratio to help the taxpayers with the high car values. The Board of Supervisors agreed and lowered the assessment ratio from 100% of market value to 87% of market value. This was a savings of around $1 million dollars for the taxpayers of Washington County.
  13. As of 2022, this office has successfully put three Emory & Henry College students through our intern program in our office. We are helping a fourth student from VA Highlands Community College. It is an honor to help these students succeed in their future endeavors.
  14. I had my staff watch legislation. When a new Forest Sustainability Fund came on line for those counties that have Land Use programs our office went to work. The office applied for the grant and was successful in obtaining $13,921.15 for the general fund to the county. This was earmarked for education, recreation or conservation.
  15. As of January 1st, 2023 Dr. Mark J. Matney was granted the title of Master Commissioner of the Revenue. “The Commissioner of the Revenue Association of Virginia in partnership with the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia bestows the Master Designation to recognize the achievements of association members that have received significant training in the assessment of local property taxes in the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition, candidates must successfully complete a series of required classroom courses and associated exams to receive the designation.”
  16. In the Fall of 2022 Dr. Matney approached the Washington County Board of Supervisors requesting that a real estate exemption be given to the spouses of our service men and women Killed in the Line of Duty. After much discussion over the months this was approved July 25, 2023 by the board.
  17. In the Fall of 2022 Dr. Matney approached the Washington County Board of Supervisors requesting that a real estate exemption be given to the spouses of our first responders in the county. That is all our police, fire fighters, and EMS Killed in the Line of Duty. After much discussion over the months this was approved July 25, 2023 by the board.

Our office would like to thank the Board of Supervisors for granting the requests we presented to help Washington County taxpayers.
Since being elected, I have fought to help the tax payers. I believe an elected official should stand up for the people. I will continue to fight for the people. Since being in office, we have worked to save Washington County taxpayers over $1,413,000. I promise to continue working hard for you.