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911 Addressing

In Washington County, E-911 street addresses are typically four- or five-digit numbers followed by the road or highway name and suffix (i.e., 12345 Lee Highway). The Towns of Abingdon, Damascus, Glade Spring and portion of Saltville have their own street addressing system typically using three- or four-digit numbers which are integrated into the County’s E-911 address database. The numbers used have a low- and high-range along both sides of the road or highway; the difference between the numbers is a relative indication of the distance between the two addressed structures in 50-foot increments.

New Construction?

If you are building a new home or need to verify the address of an existing home or business, please call the County Department of Building Inspection at (276) 525-1320. Please note that addresses for new construction will not be available until after the initial footer inspection has been completed.

Assigning A Road Name

Any right-of-way with three or more residential or business structures is assigned a E-911 street name, regardless of whether it is a private or public street or road.

The street names themselves are often chosen by the original property owner or developer of the street, or selected from a list of eligible street names maintained by the Emergency Management Department. Making sure you are using the correct street address is an important function of the Department of Emergency Management.

Why Is A 911 Address Important?

E-911 enables dispatchers with the County’s Emergency Communications Center to immediately view your name and physical address when an emergency call is made from your telephone number. This allows response times to be reduced and provides essential data so that responders can locate you in the event you are not able to communicate.

Reporting A Missing Road Sign

Road sign installation and replacement is a responsibility of the Emergency Management Department. Please call Donna Hall, Deputy Director of Emergency Management at (276) 525-1331 to report a down or missing road sign.