Washington County Virginia’s Citizen’s Emergency Alerting System (CEAS) is a tool used for high speed emergency notifications by telephone.  This system will be used to send recorded notifications and alerts in the event of emergencies such as fires, hazardous materials spills, flooding or other emergency situations to your phone, including cell phones.

In the event of an emergency, a designated operator will identify the area or region of the County that should receive notification.  A message will be recorded that describes the situation and what action residents should take.  The CEAS will automatically call numbers in the area identified to deliver the recorded message.  If there is no answer or the phone line is busy, the system will attempt to redial those numbers a predetermined number of times.  If an answering machine or voice mail system picks up the call, the emergency message will be left on the machine.

PLEASE NOTE: The database of phone numbers for the CEAS includes all listed and unlisted wire-line numbers for Washington County, VA residents.  It DOES NOT include the numbers for cell phones or phones that use an internet connection (VOIP).  These numbers MUST be registered if you in order to ensure that you receive alerts to these phones.  Each number registered must be associated with a specific address within Washington County (does not include the City of Bristol.)

Please register your cell phone and VOIP numbers using the form below.  Register multiple numbers by submitting each number separately.  Information you provide is confidential and will be used only for emergency notification purposes.  Washington County, Virginia is not responsible for any charges incurred as a result from receiving these alerts.  Washington County, Virginia assumes no responsibility if an emergency message cannot be delivered or is not received.

If you have any questions please contact Washington County, VA Department of Information Systems at 276.525.1360, or email helpdesk@washcova.com.

Citizen Alert Registration