Emergency Management

Washington County Public Safety Building

20281 Rustic LN
Abingdon VA, 24210
Fax: (276) 525-1339
Email: Emergency Services
Office Hours:Weekdays 8:30am – 5:00pm

The Department of Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating emergency services activities within Washington County. A close relationship is maintained between the Department and the volunteer fire and rescue organizations who are assigned emergency response duties throughout the County. The Department is responsible for maintaining a County Emergency Operations Plan and a Hazardous Materials Response Plan. The Department is also the point of contact for the County’s Enhanced 9-1-1 (E-911) system.


Theresa D. Kingsley, AAS, CCEMT-P
Phone: (276) 525-1330
Phone: (276) 525-1309

Deputy Coordinator
Donna K. Hall
Phone: (276) 525-1331
Phone: (276) 274-8178

The Virginia Homeland Security Threat Warning System PDF is available for download by clicking on the link below. This document details color coded terrorist threat levels and what actions need to be taken by citizens for each threat level.Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 5.0 or greater) is required for download of these forms.


The Washington County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) has been revised as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Services and Disaster Laws of 2000, as amended, Section 44-146.13 et seq. A local planning team was developed to provide input and gather information to complete the revision of this plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call 9-1-1 from a pay telephone?

Yes, coin-operated telephones can be used to dial “9-1-1” for emergency assistance at no cost. These telephones are assigned a E-911 street address for emergency response purposes.

What fire department and rescue squad covers the area where I live?

Washington County has nine volunteer fire departments, of which two are fire and rescue combination, and four rescue squads located throughout the County. The department physically located the closest to your location will be the one to respond to an emergency in your area.

Does Washington County have public emergency shelters?

The County uses public schools and County-owned community centers for public emergency shelters, activated by the County Director of Emergency Management or County Emergency Management Coordinator. If you are asked to evacuate your home for safety reasons you will be advised where to report for emergency shelter if needed.

What areas of Washington County are subject to flooding?

Flash flooding can occur anywhere but the most flood prone areas in Washington County are the Damascus and Mendota communities.