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Ways to Adopt a Pet From Your Local Animal Shelter:

The Washington County, VA, C.C. Porter Animal Shelter always has cats and dogs looking for a loving home and a second chance for a good life.  With the newly added Facebook Page for the Washington County, VA, C.C. Porter Animal Shelter provides an easy way for people looking to adopt, read information, post comments, and even see pictures of the animals that are currently at the Animal Shelter.  All photos are updated on a regular basis.


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Ways to Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter:


Animal shelters all across the U.S. are simply over burdened by the sheer number of animals that come into animal shelters each year.  According to the Humane Society of the United States every year 6-8 million animals are brought into animals shelters across the US and sadly 3-4 million of those animal are euthanized each year, and that number will continue to grow in the future. Maintaining that many animals is always a struggle and the animal shelter always appreciates any supplies citizens may want to donate.  Washington County, VA, C.C. Porter Animal Shelter always can use bleach, kitty litter, dawn dishwashing liquid, dog food, cat food, towels and newspapers.  These items are always in high demand at animal shelters and are always appreciated.


Driving Directions:


Please Click here for driving directions to the C.C. Porter Animal Shelter.